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  • We will have a placement test Thursday on Oct 14th for club members. Sign up for the test with this link and click the "Sign Up" button. Please practice solving problems using HackerRank before taking the placement test. In the meeting Thursday we will explain how to use HackerRank and answer any questions while you are taking the test.

  • Thank you for attending the Info Night on Sep 30, 2021. [video recording, slide deck]

  • The Newport Programming Club is hosting a virtual programming contest on Saturday, October 16th from 1:30 to 4:30 PM! It is free and there are prizes! Register now at nhsprogramming.com!

  • Due to COVID-19 outbreak, all meetings are virtual.

  • Interested in teaching as a student coach or a parent coach? Contact us at programcomp@tyeeptsa.org.

Students and Parents Info Night for 2021-2022 (9/30/2021)

Week 21 (04/08/2021) - ACSL / Graph Theory

Week 19 (03/27/2021) - ACSL Contest#3 Prep

Week 18 (03/20/2021) - ACSL / Binary Search Tree

Week 17 (03/13/2021) - Boolean Algebra

Week2 (10/29/2020) - Virtual Pumpkin Carving

Week1 (10/22/2020) - Introduction / IO

Questions? Contact us at programcomp@tyeeptsa.org

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